Hire of ski equipment in Dragobrat in the Carpation mountains | Price for hiring of ski equipment and accessories in Ukraine in Dragobrat
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Hire of ski equipment in Dragobrat


Price for hiring of ski equipment and accessories in the hotel “Votavilu”


      for 1 day              for 3 day and more       for 5 day and more
Ski equipment  75 UAH 70 UAH 65 UAH
Snowboard complect  95 UAH  90 UAH 80 UAH
Ski  50 UAH  40 UAH  40 UAH
boots to the ski  35 UAH  30 UAH  25 UAH
Sticks to the pattens  20 UAH  15 UAH  15 UAH
Snowboard  60 UAH  55 UAH  50 UAH
Boots to the snowboard  45 UAH  40 UAH  35 UAH
Glasses  25 UAH  22 UAH  20 UAH
Gloves  25 UAH  22 UAH  20 UAH
Helmet  40 UAH  30 UAH  20 UAH


Why is the hotel “Votavilu” in Dragobrat in the Carpathian Mountains?
The hotel “Votavilu” in Dragobrat is 1450 m above sea level where fresh mountain air is rarefied moderately. Mountain air makes better respiratory, cardiovascular and central nervous systems, stimulates the work of marrow, raises the amount of erythrocytes and hemoglobin in the blood, renews the walls of the bloodvessel, stimulate the activity of endocrine system. Besides mountain landscapes will never make you insensible. If you would like to have the best rest that will be healthful and to get unforgettable impression, so just choose the hotel “Votavilu” (Dragobrat, the Carpathian Mountains) with European level of service and Ukrainian prices! 
Promotional event
Up to 1 June 2012 you can buy a card at a discount of 30% for summer health-improving rest in the Carpathians.  
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